Friday, July 3, 2009


Beads & Botanicals is officially open! Soon to be adding in some of my newer music in cd format, will keep you posted. xo j

Thursday, March 19, 2009

tiny update

Just a quick update =) Been making glass beads over a hot torch flame, crafting batches of vegan brew into tasty lip balms and sudsy soaps... and and and... well that's about it. I have a song on the burner, or warmer rather, a piece of paper with lyrics scratched across it, tucked into the headstock of my acoustic electric, and when I have a moment, or that is to say I find it is THE right moment, I take it out and stroll through the muse. The first line is "I own a cabin in the woods" and now that I have you breathless with anticipation hehe. Anyways, Korg Karma is in the closet. traded my SeaGul 12 string in for a hard shell case for my electric, finally bought some strings for my classical guitar and will someday find THE right moment to put them on it.

Life has been very musical lately here, without man-made instruments or human voices needed really. Everything in cycles, so no rushing, going with the flow and enjoying it all =)

Several copies of my latest CD collection have flown off the 'virtual' shelf through the entrecard marketplace, much appreciated! I added quite a few surprise trackes to the last few, just for giggles.♥~ Jenelle

Monday, January 19, 2009

ample sample

Here's a sonic sample to taste, it's from my song "the eyes" dreamy mellow out music...