Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Jenelle Lo Fi CD Compliation

Jenelle Lo fi Compilation
50 minutes of DIY music by Jenelle Aubade

19 songs, acoustic piano rainy day music, electronic musings, acoustic guitar folk alterna style. Handmade from scratch, home grown, home recorded, home produced with love. Take a chance and try something new, we all need some sonic variety in our lives!

a love song ~mellow deep acoustic guitar piano and vocals
autumn leaves ~acoustic piano elegant relaxing classical
clouds ~spacious zen smooth guitar gentle strings
constantly ~funky bass spaced vocals flowing message
Mystery Track! ~ ???
Day of Rec ~piano & vocals noir
earth vacation ~world groove with scat
even ~bass guitar vocals haunting folk round
illumine ~acoustic piano & guitar with kate bush-isms
light in my sky ~face of the plant says to the sun
minute ~acoustic piano with light accenting
saturday ~live acoustic piano impromptu
silhouette ~live acoustic piano
simple ~acoustic folk vocals and guitar
sun off water ~dedication song pretty words guitar bass
Mystery Track! ~???
the eyes ~sweet sweltering meditations vocals mellow
wandering rain ~live acoustic piano chasing raindrops
saturn's day ~Acoustic Guitar and Vocals Dedication

arrives in your mailbox ready to play in any media player with autographed cd encased in a slim line jewel case with hand selected paper sleeve which includes track titles, shrink wrapped for protection and a professional look perfect for gift giving xox

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Ashbory Bass & Butterfly Harp

Spent a really nice evening with friends last night and was introduced to two instruments that I am longing to add to my musical arsenal- the Ashbory electric bass and the Butterfly harp (thai khim).

The Ashbory is a silicone rubber stringed electric bass instrument. It has a sound more resembling an acoustic upright string bass than anything else, but is in a form a little more reminiscent of an electric bass guitar. It has a short scale which provides the player with exciting new opportunities in playing while at the same time allowing the instrument to be small enough to put in the overhead compartment in an airliner.

What will you do with an Ashbory bass? Depends on who you are. Some people use them primarily for recording since they have a thick, warm tone that records well. Some gig with their Ashbory, appreciating the tone as well as the light weight and mobility advantages of a smaller instrument.

The Ashbory is especially popular as an accent, or second instrument, not unlike how some bass players will switch between a fretted 4 string bass and an 8 string fretted bass. It makes a great second instrument, familiar enough to pick up fairly quickly, yet different enough to allow for more tonal variation, and even allow for new elements to emerge in one's playing. It is also the best compact bass instrument for travel, small enough to carry-on, light enough to not be an inconvenience to carry, yet with a large sound which defies it's small size.

The Ashbory isn't for everyone. For some it is too much of a departure from their old standby bass. There isn't a good funk/slap electric bass guitar sound to be found anywhere. But, for the more adventuresome player who loves to play and likes to use an instrument as a extension of themself, the Ashbory is an excellent and powerful tool.

The khim was introduced to Thailand over a century ago by Chinese merchants, who referred to it as a yang ch'in. Thai artisans have adapted the instrument – similar to a dulcimer – in order to accommodate regional forms of music. Jeerasak Iverse crafts the body and its sleek cover from local jackfruit wood, as the undulating design complements its sonorous potential. Lacquered to brilliant perfection, the piece features 42 quality bronze strings, achieving a surprisingly delicate tone. Includes bamboo sticks with rubber tips and a convenient tuning key.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Oh I Just Love LOVE love LoVe

the killers
the bravery
the smashing pumpkins
new order
Alex Lloyd
The Raconteurs
Red Hot Chili Peppers
and Christina i sent you a package today merry girl =^.^=

Thursday, October 16, 2008


6 months....really. well. recap where were we... oh yeah! Girl wants to be in band, lives in rural bum back wards kind of place and is planning major cross country move to remedy the situation.

Jamming and partying, well, I am just about the music man, really.

I am dreaming of a place where a girl can play a guitar and sing er songs to a somewhat java'd up receptive odd-ience in peace.

stranger things have happened. Wishes do come true.

:) Had to sell my big bombastic recording device sighs..... of the times. Still having fun, still playing and humming all day long.

I will make this happen. whatever it is =^.^=


Saturday, April 26, 2008

One Mile HandicaPp

I recently Jammed with a Fantastic couple of Guys, Brian (Maddd Percussion & Vocals) and Steven(Maddd Songwriting, Vocals, and Guitar). The Band is One Mile Handicapp, and more jamming with them will make my heart sing. really:) I can't describe what these guys did to my songs, but is is electrifying, and if I can add any little thing to their already incredible line-up, well we have something like a major harmony on the horizon...be on the look-out....xox j

ps AND! I am working on a long-distant Collab with a really cool artist Mark Cundiff, check out his music at http://www.myspace.com/burningwycke


My Sweet Freddy Baby Passed Away recently. This is his song:

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

OrgAniC CouTure

Tai Chi is amazing. I have been a practitioner of Hatha Yoga, primarily Bikram's, for years now. I thought that was all I needed. But this practice is extremely internal, of course it does great things for the body also, but within 4 classes of Tai Chi I have had a complete inner reworking, including emotional turbulence breakdown and release, wow. Fun.lol, actually it is great to be working out these things that my tense stretched out body has held in check over the years. Time to move forward, into the flow.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

so this is the dream in physical motion. :) I don't offer my jewelry for sale for the plain reason that I can't seem to give it up once I am done creating it! Unless it is for a gift.

This is a Silver rOc sLide Necklace, Sterling Silver Chain and Components, with matching Threader rOc Slide Earrings. I made the Organic Shaped Glass Beads a few weeks ago. Since I don't wear much jewelry and mostly gold if I do... this pretty will be looking for a home. Be interesting to see who she picks.

I am going to set up my recording gear around my piano this week sometime, and going to trap raw piano notes for fun over the next few weeks. Kinda not so much into the sellaband deal right now, these people that are getting funding really fast are MASS emailing all the people in the universe about it all, SELLING themselves very well-lol, and you know it just makes my tummy wilt, I need to turtle back inside and hide for a while. will see you all in a bit, after the rest of the rascally rabbits have zoomed by.

Go Obama. Use two capos on your guitar. Let your qi flow unobstructed. xo j

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

New Song =^.^=

Ok then- Keyboard it was :) No vocals this time though, at least not yet. Let me know what you think-

the new song is called Lit- Tai Chi Meditation, Layers upon Layers of Keyboard, was a lot of fun to create.

Here are the links: Lit (Hi Fi) Lit (lo fi)

Sunday, March 9, 2008


You know, time flows fast when I am having fun, or busy as I can possibly be- working and creating and fitting in extracurricular activities;)

I just started taking a beautiful intricately intoxicatingly confusing challenging but rewarding course in Tai Chi from a Wonderful gentleman who happens to be a kung fu master and such a joy. I am so lucky! And such a clutz! As I continue in the course in a year or so I may qualify to learn the REAL stuff, the real form the inner work, and that keeps me propelled even when it seems impossible for me to remember to move both legs, feet, arms, head, and fingers all at the same time in different aesthetically pleasing directions. Hey I see other people doing this! I can do this!

In the meantime, I am working on some new recordings to liven up my web site and sellaband drive. And of course planning out some deliciously elegant glass bead designs, as well as some jewelry. I am seriously leaning almost completely into the realm of "less is more" with my glass artistry. There was a time when I couldn't embellish enough!

Not so these days. Organic. Simple. Enameled and etched. Room to breath. Room to be the center with the beads adding to the glow. Encasing delicate twists of watercolors. Nice.

ps. u wanna be facebook friends? I love getting flowers... ADD ME to your Facebook xox

Wednesday, January 30, 2008


I Plugged my Mic into my foot pedal Looper tonight and the universe sang with me,
if a bit off key, just need some more practice:)
(me-not the universe)
wOw! Forget looping guitar, loop the voice, sing sing sing!xo

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Freaker By The Speaker

Keller Williams. Keller Williams. yah, Keller Williams.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

wHat ReaLLy MattAs

Freddy.... and the first song of my next cd is titled "Time in Spades" xoooooooox

Friday, January 11, 2008

and on that note.... perfect Pitch....still on this lesson: walk by piano and randomly, without peeking, pluck a key, name the note, do this 20 times in a row correctly identifying the mystery note and, i win, i get to pass go collect my dough, and move on to the next lesson. This one is a challenge to the challenged.

Glass on the other hand is behaving wonderfully, melting smooth, handling like clover heavy honey, and beaming in colors so befuddling blended as to leave me speechless- mostly when it comes to naming the bead sets. Hey I have a great name for my band and i am not telling, i also have the first album named, AND have written the first title track/song for the project. Now to get my hands on that

Akai E2 Headrush Phrase Sampler Guitar Effects Pedal

gimme! lol do you know that Dan and I had no Christmas this year?Excuse was, well there were excuses, fact is that although beads and business is more fun and beautiful than ever, sales have decimated us, economy touches us all in very private parts doesn't it? But i am just as great poor as rich and it is an adventure, hey, the cats have food, the Bunnies have Hay, and we have lots of love in turn. The universe is startlingly regular with its complex genius ability to, in most cases, keep the whole of creation fed. I donated to kiva last week, i love that site. D**** it makes me feel good to look at somebody else, needing a helping hand,who is brave enough to ask for it, and be able to Do something about it. That and Warbook (numbers, no actual blood), things to say thank you for. Thanks. PS i am thankful for WholeWheat radio too. and pandora..... xox

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

my dream

for real. i wanna be in a band. Was in a band years ago, grin(yeah that was the name of the band). was fantastic, and i just have been missing it ever since. Stand me up in a coffee house or bar, me and my guitar. i will sing, and i will play, but it's just not- well, it's just not. So what am I doing about it? Writing about it in my blog.:)