Sunday, January 3, 2010


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Have been doing some re-mixing and uploaded several new mp3's on Sound Click- it's a lot of fun to go back and take effects off for a more true raw sound....

Friday, July 3, 2009


Beads & Botanicals is officially open! Soon to be adding in some of my newer music in cd format, will keep you posted. xo j

Thursday, March 19, 2009

tiny update

Just a quick update =) Been making glass beads over a hot torch flame, crafting batches of vegan brew into tasty lip balms and sudsy soaps... and and and... well that's about it. I have a song on the burner, or warmer rather, a piece of paper with lyrics scratched across it, tucked into the headstock of my acoustic electric, and when I have a moment, or that is to say I find it is THE right moment, I take it out and stroll through the muse. The first line is "I own a cabin in the woods" and now that I have you breathless with anticipation hehe. Anyways, Korg Karma is in the closet. traded my SeaGul 12 string in for a hard shell case for my electric, finally bought some strings for my classical guitar and will someday find THE right moment to put them on it.

Life has been very musical lately here, without man-made instruments or human voices needed really. Everything in cycles, so no rushing, going with the flow and enjoying it all =)

Several copies of my latest CD collection have flown off the 'virtual' shelf through the entrecard marketplace, much appreciated! I added quite a few surprise trackes to the last few, just for giggles.♥~ Jenelle

Monday, January 19, 2009

ample sample

Here's a sonic sample to taste, it's from my song "the eyes" dreamy mellow out music...

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Jenelle Lo Fi CD Compliation

Jenelle Lo fi Compilation
50 minutes of DIY music by Jenelle Aubade

19 songs, acoustic piano rainy day music, electronic musings, acoustic guitar folk alterna style. Handmade from scratch, home grown, home recorded, home produced with love. Take a chance and try something new, we all need some sonic variety in our lives!

a love song ~mellow deep acoustic guitar piano and vocals
autumn leaves ~acoustic piano elegant relaxing classical
clouds ~spacious zen smooth guitar gentle strings
constantly ~funky bass spaced vocals flowing message
Mystery Track! ~ ???
Day of Rec ~piano & vocals noir
earth vacation ~world groove with scat
even ~bass guitar vocals haunting folk round
illumine ~acoustic piano & guitar with kate bush-isms
light in my sky ~face of the plant says to the sun
minute ~acoustic piano with light accenting
saturday ~live acoustic piano impromptu
silhouette ~live acoustic piano
simple ~acoustic folk vocals and guitar
sun off water ~dedication song pretty words guitar bass
Mystery Track! ~???
the eyes ~sweet sweltering meditations vocals mellow
wandering rain ~live acoustic piano chasing raindrops
saturn's day ~Acoustic Guitar and Vocals Dedication

arrives in your mailbox ready to play in any media player with autographed cd encased in a slim line jewel case with hand selected paper sleeve which includes track titles, shrink wrapped for protection and a professional look perfect for gift giving xox

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Ashbory Bass & Butterfly Harp

Spent a really nice evening with friends last night and was introduced to two instruments that I am longing to add to my musical arsenal- the Ashbory electric bass and the Butterfly harp (thai khim).

The Ashbory is a silicone rubber stringed electric bass instrument. It has a sound more resembling an acoustic upright string bass than anything else, but is in a form a little more reminiscent of an electric bass guitar. It has a short scale which provides the player with exciting new opportunities in playing while at the same time allowing the instrument to be small enough to put in the overhead compartment in an airliner.

What will you do with an Ashbory bass? Depends on who you are. Some people use them primarily for recording since they have a thick, warm tone that records well. Some gig with their Ashbory, appreciating the tone as well as the light weight and mobility advantages of a smaller instrument.

The Ashbory is especially popular as an accent, or second instrument, not unlike how some bass players will switch between a fretted 4 string bass and an 8 string fretted bass. It makes a great second instrument, familiar enough to pick up fairly quickly, yet different enough to allow for more tonal variation, and even allow for new elements to emerge in one's playing. It is also the best compact bass instrument for travel, small enough to carry-on, light enough to not be an inconvenience to carry, yet with a large sound which defies it's small size.

The Ashbory isn't for everyone. For some it is too much of a departure from their old standby bass. There isn't a good funk/slap electric bass guitar sound to be found anywhere. But, for the more adventuresome player who loves to play and likes to use an instrument as a extension of themself, the Ashbory is an excellent and powerful tool.

The khim was introduced to Thailand over a century ago by Chinese merchants, who referred to it as a yang ch'in. Thai artisans have adapted the instrument – similar to a dulcimer – in order to accommodate regional forms of music. Jeerasak Iverse crafts the body and its sleek cover from local jackfruit wood, as the undulating design complements its sonorous potential. Lacquered to brilliant perfection, the piece features 42 quality bronze strings, achieving a surprisingly delicate tone. Includes bamboo sticks with rubber tips and a convenient tuning key.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Oh I Just Love LOVE love LoVe

the killers
the bravery
the smashing pumpkins
new order
Alex Lloyd
The Raconteurs
Red Hot Chili Peppers
and Christina i sent you a package today merry girl =^.^=