Saturday, April 26, 2008

One Mile HandicaPp

I recently Jammed with a Fantastic couple of Guys, Brian (Maddd Percussion & Vocals) and Steven(Maddd Songwriting, Vocals, and Guitar). The Band is One Mile Handicapp, and more jamming with them will make my heart sing. really:) I can't describe what these guys did to my songs, but is is electrifying, and if I can add any little thing to their already incredible line-up, well we have something like a major harmony on the on the look-out....xox j

ps AND! I am working on a long-distant Collab with a really cool artist Mark Cundiff, check out his music at


My Sweet Freddy Baby Passed Away recently. This is his song:

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

OrgAniC CouTure

Tai Chi is amazing. I have been a practitioner of Hatha Yoga, primarily Bikram's, for years now. I thought that was all I needed. But this practice is extremely internal, of course it does great things for the body also, but within 4 classes of Tai Chi I have had a complete inner reworking, including emotional turbulence breakdown and release, wow., actually it is great to be working out these things that my tense stretched out body has held in check over the years. Time to move forward, into the flow.