Sunday, March 30, 2008

so this is the dream in physical motion. :) I don't offer my jewelry for sale for the plain reason that I can't seem to give it up once I am done creating it! Unless it is for a gift.

This is a Silver rOc sLide Necklace, Sterling Silver Chain and Components, with matching Threader rOc Slide Earrings. I made the Organic Shaped Glass Beads a few weeks ago. Since I don't wear much jewelry and mostly gold if I do... this pretty will be looking for a home. Be interesting to see who she picks.

I am going to set up my recording gear around my piano this week sometime, and going to trap raw piano notes for fun over the next few weeks. Kinda not so much into the sellaband deal right now, these people that are getting funding really fast are MASS emailing all the people in the universe about it all, SELLING themselves very well-lol, and you know it just makes my tummy wilt, I need to turtle back inside and hide for a while. will see you all in a bit, after the rest of the rascally rabbits have zoomed by.

Go Obama. Use two capos on your guitar. Let your qi flow unobstructed. xo j

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

New Song =^.^=

Ok then- Keyboard it was :) No vocals this time though, at least not yet. Let me know what you think-

the new song is called Lit- Tai Chi Meditation, Layers upon Layers of Keyboard, was a lot of fun to create.

Here are the links: Lit (Hi Fi) Lit (lo fi)

Sunday, March 9, 2008


You know, time flows fast when I am having fun, or busy as I can possibly be- working and creating and fitting in extracurricular activities;)

I just started taking a beautiful intricately intoxicatingly confusing challenging but rewarding course in Tai Chi from a Wonderful gentleman who happens to be a kung fu master and such a joy. I am so lucky! And such a clutz! As I continue in the course in a year or so I may qualify to learn the REAL stuff, the real form the inner work, and that keeps me propelled even when it seems impossible for me to remember to move both legs, feet, arms, head, and fingers all at the same time in different aesthetically pleasing directions. Hey I see other people doing this! I can do this!

In the meantime, I am working on some new recordings to liven up my web site and sellaband drive. And of course planning out some deliciously elegant glass bead designs, as well as some jewelry. I am seriously leaning almost completely into the realm of "less is more" with my glass artistry. There was a time when I couldn't embellish enough!

Not so these days. Organic. Simple. Enameled and etched. Room to breath. Room to be the center with the beads adding to the glow. Encasing delicate twists of watercolors. Nice.

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