Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Jenelle Lo Fi CD Compliation

Jenelle Lo fi Compilation
50 minutes of DIY music by Jenelle Aubade

19 songs, acoustic piano rainy day music, electronic musings, acoustic guitar folk alterna style. Handmade from scratch, home grown, home recorded, home produced with love. Take a chance and try something new, we all need some sonic variety in our lives!

a love song ~mellow deep acoustic guitar piano and vocals
autumn leaves ~acoustic piano elegant relaxing classical
clouds ~spacious zen smooth guitar gentle strings
constantly ~funky bass spaced vocals flowing message
Mystery Track! ~ ???
Day of Rec ~piano & vocals noir
earth vacation ~world groove with scat
even ~bass guitar vocals haunting folk round
illumine ~acoustic piano & guitar with kate bush-isms
light in my sky ~face of the plant says to the sun
minute ~acoustic piano with light accenting
saturday ~live acoustic piano impromptu
silhouette ~live acoustic piano
simple ~acoustic folk vocals and guitar
sun off water ~dedication song pretty words guitar bass
Mystery Track! ~???
the eyes ~sweet sweltering meditations vocals mellow
wandering rain ~live acoustic piano chasing raindrops
saturn's day ~Acoustic Guitar and Vocals Dedication

arrives in your mailbox ready to play in any media player with autographed cd encased in a slim line jewel case with hand selected paper sleeve which includes track titles, shrink wrapped for protection and a professional look perfect for gift giving xox


Duni said...

my goodness, you are a multi-talented lady!
I have a hard time keeping up with just one blog...

Have a great day!


SortaFlowering Designs said...

Thanks Duni:):) Music is my all time most intrinsic passion. Making Beads and soaps is a very fun way to make a living though, and lets me do music strictly for fun with no pressure... when I can fit it in around crafting and blogs lol =^.^=

Anonymous said...

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Daddy Rose said...

I got your CD through Entrecard today, listened to it, and I am writing a review on it tonight.

I can't thank you enough for giving me the opportunity to share your music with you, I will be talking it greatly later tonight. :-)