Friday, January 11, 2008

and on that note.... perfect Pitch....still on this lesson: walk by piano and randomly, without peeking, pluck a key, name the note, do this 20 times in a row correctly identifying the mystery note and, i win, i get to pass go collect my dough, and move on to the next lesson. This one is a challenge to the challenged.

Glass on the other hand is behaving wonderfully, melting smooth, handling like clover heavy honey, and beaming in colors so befuddling blended as to leave me speechless- mostly when it comes to naming the bead sets. Hey I have a great name for my band and i am not telling, i also have the first album named, AND have written the first title track/song for the project. Now to get my hands on that

Akai E2 Headrush Phrase Sampler Guitar Effects Pedal

gimme! lol do you know that Dan and I had no Christmas this year?Excuse was, well there were excuses, fact is that although beads and business is more fun and beautiful than ever, sales have decimated us, economy touches us all in very private parts doesn't it? But i am just as great poor as rich and it is an adventure, hey, the cats have food, the Bunnies have Hay, and we have lots of love in turn. The universe is startlingly regular with its complex genius ability to, in most cases, keep the whole of creation fed. I donated to kiva last week, i love that site. D**** it makes me feel good to look at somebody else, needing a helping hand,who is brave enough to ask for it, and be able to Do something about it. That and Warbook (numbers, no actual blood), things to say thank you for. Thanks. PS i am thankful for WholeWheat radio too. and pandora..... xox

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