Saturday, April 26, 2008

One Mile HandicaPp

I recently Jammed with a Fantastic couple of Guys, Brian (Maddd Percussion & Vocals) and Steven(Maddd Songwriting, Vocals, and Guitar). The Band is One Mile Handicapp, and more jamming with them will make my heart sing. really:) I can't describe what these guys did to my songs, but is is electrifying, and if I can add any little thing to their already incredible line-up, well we have something like a major harmony on the on the look-out....xox j

ps AND! I am working on a long-distant Collab with a really cool artist Mark Cundiff, check out his music at

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Mark said...

Thanks for the mention, J. I hope I can have a similar effect on your music as 'One Mile Handicapp'. Actually, I'm kind of jealous that we can't jam in person- hopefully the 'vibe' won't dissipate from travelling so far ;)